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"Efficiency is the backbone of success. Let me show you how to achieve it in any industry."

Zack Hughes — Businessman, Speaker, and Special Forces Veteran.

Zack’s focus of hyper efficiency is allowing his teams to build and win in several verticals.

With his background in special forces and other winning organizations, Zack understands how elite teams actually win:

By adapting and leading
Zack’s used this experience to build businesses and innovative strategies using AI, virtual staffing, and strategic leadership.

As a speaker, Zack inspires audiences around the world with his powerful message of leadership and unconventional tactics to win. Zack’s career as a Green Beret ended after a rough deployment resulted in a full hip replacement and 6 lower body surgeries. He’s spoken everywhere from Vegas stages to podcast zoom calls with small sales teams. 

Zack’s goal is to join more team calls and speak on more stages in 2023 - connect below if interested.

In war you leverage the deadliest assets first. Today, that’s about staying ahead of the competition through hyper productivity and strategic leadership. Zack has a hyper effective mindset on staying competitive and is ready to share that message with your group.

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